Statement of Purpose

  1. To promote the position of School Administrators as one of significant professional responsibility.
  2. To act as a lobbying group on educational issues, especially those concerning our members.
  3. To improve the welfare of our members and to protect their interests by:
    • Supporting members nationally
    • Creating opportunities for movement between states, eg exchange programs
    • Creating network opportunities
    • Increasing communication and develop opportunities for the sharing and growth of the skills of School Administrators
    • Encouraging co-operation and fellowship amongst members
  4. To seek representation on appropriate bodies who impact on national education.
  5. To develop conformity of Nationally Accredited Training.
  6. Training at each State/Territory level to be a unit of the National Public Service Training Package.
  7. To be proactive and reactive to the changing operating environments of our members and take advantage of these changes.
  8. To conduct meetings, and other forums, for the exchange of ideas among School Administrators and other appropriate persons.
  9. To collaborate with other organisations with similar types of aims and objectives.
  10. To promote membership of this Association.


AAGSA represents and supports state school administrators across Australia and across all school sectors including High Schools, Primary Schools, P-12 Colleges and Special Education. Since 2004 AAGSA has been committed to supporting, and building the capacity of its members across all state schools.